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Announcement of VégéBon, the plant-based meat brand by All Good Bio.

Since its establishment in 2019, All Good Bio has been dedicated to promoting health awareness in the new generation food industry. Upholding the four visions of “delicious, nutritious, convenient, and affordable,” we are committed to creating higher-quality dietary choices. We aim to balance the convenience of food with the goal of enhancing lifestyles, while pioneering the market for nutrition in the new generation of plant-based diets!

All Good Bio., Inc. founded in 2019, bases its product development on plant-based diets. Dr. Woody Yeh, the founder, graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Food Science. He participated in the International Soybean Program, gathering soybean professionals from around the world to learn and research the latest soybean processing techniques and knowledge. As a pioneer in plant-based food expertise, All Good Bio aims to bring a truly delicious and nutritious new choice to the people of Taiwan and the market!

Dr. Fred Kummerow from the Illinois Institute of Food Sciences had proposed 50 hears ago the theory that “trans fats can cause cardiovascular diseases,” making significant contributions to human health and medicine. Dr. Yeh was deeply aware of the serious impact of trans fats on human health. Soybeans contain 20% unsaturated fatty acids, 40% plant protein, and many essential nutrients such as vitamin E. Soybean plant protein is the most complete plant protein source. Dr. Yeh wondered why there wasn’t a product on the market that could provide consumers with the complete nutritional value of soybeans.

All Good Bio’s plant-based meat brand, Végé Bon, has been steadily growing, adhering to the principle of doing the right thing. They refuse to offer foods with food safety concerns just to seize market opportunities. Health and nutrition are no longer just slogans in the food industry. Through continuous research and careful selection, they finally presented unprecedented thick-cut plant-based meat chunks and various dishes made in the most natural way at the shareholder meeting on July 15th this year. These included Caesar chicken salad, meat sauce spaghetti, hamburgers, minestrone soup, and three flavors of fried chicken nuggets.

This event collaborated with the authentic Italian restaurant, Trattoria di Primo, and each dish amazed the shareholders. It turns out that plant-based diets can be so diverse and delicious! There is no heavy bean taste, and no unnatural taste from chemical additives.

All Good Bio has given itself an important mission: “To provide consumers and the market with products that are nutritious, delicious, convenient, and affordable.” Ultimately, they hope to become a leading brand in plant-based diets, the preferred choice for everyone looking for both deliciousness and nutrition! Utilizing the expertise and experience of the All Good Bio team, they look forward to collaborating with Taiwan’s solid agricultural technology, becoming a pioneer in plant-based foods, and promoting various Taiwanese specialties internationally!