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About sustainability

  • A diet based on animal protein comes from livestock farming and hunting, which is one of the main causes of environmental pollution and resource depletion on Earth.
  • Developing alternative plant-based protein diets is a future trend, including plant-based meat and plant-based beverages.

Soybeans are rich in dietary fiber and minerals, among other nutrients, and are cholesterol-free. They are indeed a superfood. Plant-based meat, made from soybeans, has only half to one-third the calories of meat! Despite its low fat content, it is high in protein, containing three essential nutrients for the human body.

Furthermore, soy is an eco-friendly food. Compared to beef, it requires less fertilizer and water for cultivation, with water usage in production being only 1/8th of that for cattle.
Additionally, it has low greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent to 1/85th), resulting in minimal environmental impact. Soy is once again recognized for its value as a sustainable food.

Future Sustainable Eating

Plant-based Meat

Plant-based meat, unlike traditional tofu or mock meat, is made from grains/beans such as soybeans, peas, and wheat. It undergoes processes like purification, extraction, fiberization, shaping, and seasoning to achieve a texture, taste, and aroma similar to animal meat, while retaining the nutritional benefits and health advantages. With a texture closely resembling animal meat, it is often referred to as “future meat.”

"Environmental Sustainability", "Social Participation", "Corporate Governance", "Corporate Commitment"

VégéBon Sustainability


Product Development

Our product packaging is made from biodegradable materials.


Collaboration with Charitable Organizations

In June 2021, in response to the pandemic and with a concern for children’s development, we donated plant-based chicken nuggets and cash to the Dulan Children’s Center.


Social Responsibility

We regularly donate to organizations dedicated to the conservation of Taiwan Leopard cat, embodying the principles of Veganism in our daily lives.