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VégéBon brand concept

VégéBon adheres to the brand concept of “Eat Good All Good” and promotes a new vegetarian culture. Our purpose of establishing the brand is not to use our products to replace meat products, so we launched There are various products named in the form of “meat” because we want more carnivores to also like to eat plant-based meat.

“Replacing” and “liking at the same time” are different concepts. Just like “replace coffee with tea” and “like tea and coffee at the same time”, the latter will be more realistic in terms of market implementation. Using this concept to implement product design plans will help expand the audience of plant foods. Products in the form or name of “meat” attract the attention of more non-vegetarians and allow them to more easily accept plant-based foods as they explore dietary diversity without completely giving up the taste and food experience they are originally familiar with.

All in all, our goal is to have more meat substitutes, but not to replace them.

Brand Vision

Bring change into your life

Eat healthy and environmentally friendly

Leading a new life of plant-based diet

Brand Position

Make it easier for original carnivores to
accept and enjoy plant-based meat products !